Weeds and Lawn Weed Control

You can easily achieve a weed free lawn with a combination of good lawn care practices, manual weeding and the sensible and correct use of the best selective lawn weed killers and sprayers on the market today.

Weed Killer Health & Safety
Just follow the instructions and you can have pet friendly and child safe lawn weed control without harm to the grass, environment or wildlife
Weed Grasses in Lawns
Not all grass makes for a good lawn: some invaders that need control are couch grass, yorkshire fog, meadow grass and some rye grasses
Storage, Cleaning & Disposal of Weed Killer
Be sensible with lawn and garden weed killers, chemicals and pesticides. Incorrect use or disposal can be harmful
Selective Lawn Weed Killers
Liquid lawn weed killers such as Resolva, Weedol or Verdone, are better for the grass, worse for the weeds whilst being pet friendly and child safe
Resolva & Weedol (Verdone) Weed Killer
With a big range of selective weed killing ingredients these spray on lawn herbicides will control most common broadleaf weeds in your grass
Preventing more Lawn Weeds
Weeds don't like a healthy lawn so keep common and broadleaf weeds out with good lawn care, regular maintenance and fertiliser treatments
My Weed Killer Doesn't Work!
These weedkillers for DIY use on lawns contain the same weed killing ingredients and are as strong as those used by the green keeper
Maintaining a Weed Free Lawn
Too much weed and feed is not good for the grass so use ready to use sprayers to keep on top of common broadleaved and recurring weeds.
Knapsacks, Sprayers & Sprinkle Bars
Choose the right sprayer for your lawn from sprinkle bar watering can attachments for small areas of grass to knapsack sprayers for the larger lawn
how to use weed killer
How to use Lawn Weed Killer
You can only put weed killer on the whole lawn once or twice a year so get the timing, conditions and concentration right to improve weed control in your grass.
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