Preventing more Lawn Weeds

Preventing more Lawn Weeds

Weeds don’t like a healthy lawn!

If you have a dense lawn of healthy grass plants then you have a natural barrier between the weed seeds and the soil. If the weed seeds can’t get to the soil the chances are good they’ll die before ever becoming a problem weed. This means free weed control and less work!

Maintaining that all important ‘grass barrier’ comes down to good lawn care:

1. If you damage the grass help it recover:

  • Mow it on the high side
  • Water it if needed
  • Keep off it for a week or two
  • Aerate the area

2. If the grass disappears due to wear, dog urine, mower damage or shade then replace it before the weeds do:

  • A small area just requires some seed or turf
  • Larger areas may need renovating. See Repair & Renovation
  • Some shady areas may be thin in the spring – just sprinkle some grass seed over the whole thin area in April and it will thicken up in no time

3. Keep your lawn in tip top shape so it recovers more easily:

  • Mow frequently – at least once a week in the growing season
  • Mow at the right height for your grass
  • Never remove more than 1/3 of the grass in any one cut
  • Maintain good spot weed control
  • Make sure the grass gets at least one slow-release feed a year