About Us

Lawnsmith started in 2003 as a professional Lawn Care Service successfully operating throughout Yorkshire. As client lawns improved from the expert attention, customers wanted to be more involved and knowledgeable which sparked the creation of this website.

Most people want a nice lawn: A healthy green lawn is a thing of beauty and a source of pleasure; it enhances the home and garden and is perfect for play, leisure and the summer BBQ.

Most people have difficulty keeping one: Lawn care products with outrageous claims, half baked instructions, inadequate equipment, myths and old wives tales make it a nightmare to know what, when and how to create a great lawn.

This site is the first to solve the problems of DIY lawn care through an in-depth knowledge and understanding of lawn owners, their lawns and correct lawn care procedures. Now, regardless of your desires or situation, succeeding with your lawn has never been easier.

Our Motto

A ‘little lawn care done well’ is far better than ‘lots of lawn care done badly’

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