Lawn Trends

A compilation of the most important lawn care articles to help you feed, weed and maintain your grass during the current month and weather conditions.

Winter 2023/24 - Too wet to be good!
If your lawn is unusually wet it may start showing signs of yellowing and die-back. Here is some help to stop it deteriorating further and help it recover when the rain stops.
Spring Lawn Repair
After a dismal winter your lawn can be in a terrible state. Help is at hand here!
How to Mow Wet or Long Grass
A few more mowing tips and tricks to help you, your lawn mower and your lawn when the grass is wet, long or when returning from holiday
flooded lawns
How to Recover a Water Logged Lawn
How to repair your lawn if it gets flooded or just becomes water logged from excessive rainfall.
early spring lawn care
Early Spring Lawn Care
Spring is a busy time for lawns and gardens as plants and grass start growing. We’ll cover everything that is needed starting with early spring.
Problems with Worms & Worm Casts in the Lawn
Worms benefit the lawn by increasing organic breakdown and improving aeration and fertility however they do cause problems with their spiral casts
Mushrooms and Toadstools in The Lawn
These are usually a sign of a healthy soil though on occasions a crop of toadstools will grow due to an excessive thatch layer or form a fairy ring.
Spring Flowering Weeds - March
How to get rid of lawn weeds that you see from March such as celandine, chickweed, dandelion and woodrush.
which moss killer to use
Which Lawn Moss Killer to use and When
There are a variety of moss killers on the market each having their own particular benefits. The most flexible and useful ones are discussed here.
how to kill moss in winter
How to Kill Lawn Moss in Winter
Winter is the time of greatest threat to your lawn from moss because moss thrives in the cooler wetter weather whilst grass growth slows and can't fight back!
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