early spring lawn care

Early Spring Lawn Care

Spring is a busy time for lawns and gardens as plants and grass start growing. We’ll cover everything that is needed starting with early spring.

Early Spring Lawn Care - March in to April

The schedule may include some or all the following. Those in bold are the essential tasks to ensure a healthy dense green lawn. Click the topic for complete details:

Part 1

Part 2

If it isn’t in the above lists please don’t do it!

Timing is Critical

It is also the difference between a good and poor result!

The Part 1 list can be started at your convenience in March but Part 2 treatments need the lawn to be actively growing.

So, timing will be March in to April and very much depends on where you live. The trigger for starting ALL lawn treatments in spring is the grass itself. I always wait until I’ve done the second cut at the start of the season.

Don’t count a high cut over winter, or cuts to remove some leaf so that you can do a moss treatment. We’re talking about two cuts that signifies the grass is on the move. Now you can start Part 2 treatments but don’t forget to check the weather forecast first. Be aware that early spring can deliver a mild spell followed by 2 weeks of frost and snow so do some planning.

For month-by-month details please visit the Lawn Diary