How to Feed the Lawn

This is an essential part of lawn care and often neglected as it can appear complicated. Therefore, we have hopefully taken the guess work and risk out of with our very SIMPLE lawn fertiliser programmes.

using winter and iron lawn fertilisers
Using Winter & Iron Lawn Fertilisers
Ferrous or iron sulphate is the active ingredient in moss killer and as part of a Winter Feed produces deep green grass with only minimal growth
when to feed the grass
When to Feed the Grass
Follow a few simple rules to apply your lawn fertiliser and get the best results from your grass whether it's a spring, summer or an autumn feed
seaweed liquid fertilsier
Seaweed for a Blooming Great Lawn
Seaweed promotes health, goodness and biological activity within the grass and the soil producing a greener, stronger and more disease resistant lawn.
using ferrous sulphate
Using Ferrous Sulphate
Ferrous Sulphate is great for grass. From greening in the summer to protecting in the winter and killing moss in spring it's the perfect lawn treatment.
green grass
Tips for Green Grass
Just getting the timing and conditions right for feeding the grass can turn a sad looking lawn into a dense green carpet of grass!
test for clay or sandy soil
Test for Clay or Sandy Soil
The soil in your lawn controls the amount of fertiliser, air and water to the grass roots, therefore sandy and poor soils should be fed more than clay soils
spring and autumn lawn feeding
Spring & Autumn Lawn Feeding
A Spring and Autumn Fertiliser treatment is the standard for lawn care and provides optimum nutrients for healthy green grass all year
spreading lawn food once a year
Once a Year Lawn Feed
A once a year lawn feed is great for the grass and quick to apply. These long lasting fertiliser products feed for up to 6 months from spring to autumn.
fertiliser application rates
Fertiliser Application Rates
Too much lawn feed can burn the grass or cause rapid growth. Here is a simple guide for green grass without excessive mowing.
spreader being used to spread lawn food
Flexible Feeding for the Perfect Lawn
This lawn fertiliser programme creates beautiful green grass from spring to autumn and into winter using slow release granular and liquid feeds.
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