Early warnings and corrective measures for impending disease or imminent adverse lawn conditions. To receive lawn care alerts straight to your inbox use the register button below

  • 2019 Red Thread Warning
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    2022 Red Thread Warning

    Once again many reports of red thread already very active in lawns a serious attack looks imminent during the warmer weather

  • Summer 2019 - Dry for some
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    Spring 2022 - Dry for some

    During drying conditions your lawns self defense mechanisms will swing into action. So should yours.

  • January 2013 Snow Mould Alert
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    February 2021 Snow Mould Alert

    As the snow thaws you may well see grey blotches in the lawn

  • Winter 2019/20 - Too wet to be good!
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    Winter 2021 - Too wet to be good!

    If the grass has already started growing then the rains of the recent weeks will make mowing difficult, so here's a bit of help.......

  • November 2018 Fusarium Alert
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    November 2018 Fusarium Alert

    Fusarium is to be expected in the present conditions. This is the most common disease you may experience at this time of the year particularly during persistent wet conditions.

  • October 2018 Rust Alert
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    October 2018 Rust Alert

    Dry September conditions have stressed many lawns which are now showing the fungal disease known as rust

  • There are no current Lawn Alerts
    Lawn Care Alerts

    There are no current Lawn Alerts

    The present weather and lawn conditions do not present any issues of note though good seasonal maintenance can always help reduce potential problems.