Vyne Payments

How do I make a payment with Vyne’s Pay with bank?

It couldn’t be easier to make a payment with Vyne Pay with Bank. Simply choose Vyne Pay with Bank at checkout. Select your bank and log into your banking app, just like normal. Confirm the payment and you’re done.

Please note, Vyne is not available for customers of Citi Bank, Metro Bank and Sainsbury's Bank as these banks do not have the required API technology.


Do I need a Vyne account?

No. You don’t need to have a Vyne account or create one in order to make a payment.


How secure is Vyne?

Vyne uses your banks' own technology to enable you to pay faster, easier and safer. Without the risk of storing and sharing card details, you’re less likely to fall victim to fraud.


Does Vyne share or store my payment details?

Never. Your payment information is between you and your bank. Vyne doesn’t see or store your payment information.


Is Vyne regulated by the FCA?

Yes. Vyne is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as an Authorised Payment Institution. Vyne’s reference number is 925649.


Do I have to manually enter the payee details?

No, once you've selected your bank, Vyne enables you to pay us securely without having to enter payment details. This means there’s no risk of paying into the wrong account.


How safe is a Vyne payment compared to a card payment?

Unlike card payments, when you Pay with bank you never have to input or share any card or bank information when you check out. This makes the likelihood of stolen details a lot smaller.


Are my payments protected with Vyne?

When you make a payment with Vyne you are protected under the Consumer Rights Act, this is the same protection you have when making payments by cash and debit card.

In the highly unlikely event that Vyne misdirects a payment, Vyne is liable to reimburse the payment under Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulation. You can find Vyne’s FCA listing here.

In the instance of failure to deliver goods or if products are not as described, you will need to raise this directly with us.