Lawn Care Experts

Lawn Care Videos

Become a lawncare expert with our easy to follow grass care videos showing you how to feed, weed and maintain your lawn.

Moss Control in the Lawn

How to Get Rid of Moss - 5 Videos

This playlist covers the full procedure for treating moss from mixing ferrous sulphate, spraying the moss, raking it out and then over seeding the whole lawn to get fast and complete recovery.

Spreading Lawn Fertiliser

How to Spread Fertiliser - 4 Videos

Watch how to put fertiliser on evenly and at the correct rate for a greener healthier lawn. Also watch how to calibrate your lawn spreader for Lawnsmith fertilisers.

Spraying Liquid Lawn Fertiliser

How to Spray Fertiliser - 3 Videos

Here we demonstrate how to mix soluble lawn products and then apply them with either a knapsack sprayer or watering can

Weed Killing on the Lawn

How to Kill Weeds in Lawns - 4 Videos

Covering all aspects of lawn weed control from mixing weed killer to applying it to the weeds with a knapsack sprayer, watering can and ready to use spot sprayer

How to Aerate, Rake and Scarify the Lawn

How to Aerate, Scarify & Overseed - 3 Videos

Take a look at some great aerating tools plus the full procedure for raking or scarifying your lawn together with over seeding for superior lawn recovery

Choosing a Lawn Feed and Seed Spreader

Choosing a Lawn Spreader - 5 Videos

Take a tour of the best fertiliser and grass seed spreaders for lawns to find out which one is right for you and your lawn

Choosing Lawn and Garden Sprayers

Choosing a Lawn Sprayer - 4 Videos

Review the best sprayers for spraying lawns, from the versatile knapsack sprayer to the great value weed and feed sprinkle bar


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