November 2018 Fusarium Alert

November 2018 Fusarium Alert

Disease Warning for Fusarium

Fusarium is to be expected in the present conditions and some customers have already reported occurrences in the last few days. This is the most common disease you may experience at this time of the year particularly during persistant wet conditions. Small outbreaks normally pass unnoticed but if you do see slimey cotton wool like deposits on the grass leaves or strange cloudy shaped patches in the lawn then you'll now know what it is!

Fusarium can also be a sign of poor turf health, high thatch levels, poor air circulation, compaction or just persistent wet conditions during mild late autumn or winter weather. Do look for possible causes though as you can resolve any problems ready for next year. Young lawns and especially young turf are prone to this, particulalrly as the conditions may coincide with additional watering to bed the turf in.

Unfortunately, fusarium will kill the grass so avoiding an outbreak is a very good idea. If your want to give your lawn an extra level of protection against winter diseases and stresses then apply Ferrous Sulphate at the 'turf hardening' rate. This can be done with either Lawnsmith Green-up Ferrous Sulphate or Lawnsmith Winter Green and is best applied as soon as possible and in future years should be applied at the onset of cooler wetter weather in autumn. This will not cure the problem if you already have an outbreak but should help prevent it from getting worse. The high iron content will also green the lawn beautifully without causing growth. If applying to young turf apply at the lower rates until grass is 6 months old.

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