Storage, Cleaning & Disposal

Storage, Cleaning & Disposal

Cleaning Weeding Equipment

Any equipment that needs cleaning should be done in a dedicated ‘safe mixing area’; an area that will not affect any flora and fauna such as a gravel path or driveway

Washings (dilute chemical from rinsing equipment), excess mixture or original product MUST NOT be poured down drains.

Try to minimise washings by having separate equipment for weed killers e.g. a watering can just for the lawn. It then doesn’t need washing.

When I’m using a knapsack sprayer just with lawn weed killers I don’t wash it afterwards. I only wash it if I’m going to use a different chemical for a different job e.g. spraying roses for aphids. This reduces washings going into the environment.

If I’m not going to use the sprayer for a while I rinse it with a couple of litres of clean water which I then pump through into my ‘safe mixing area’. If you haven’t got a suitable ‘safe area’ try rinsing your sprayer or watering can the following day with a few litres of water. You can then spray or sprinkle the extremely dilute rinse safely onto an area of lawn without any harm being done.

Remember to rinse the concentrate measuring cup 3 or 4 times with water when making up your last MIX. Put the rinse into your knapsack or watering can for use.

If you empty a concentrate container rinse it out just like the concentrate measuring cup before discarding.

Clothing can be Contaminated

If you’ve been mixing chemicals and treating the whole lawn then play safe and after spraying put your clothes in the wash.

Storage & Disposal of Weed Killer Containers

Read the label. It’s all there on what and what not to do.