My Weed Killer Doesn't Work!

My Weed Killer Doesn't Work!

Many people blame the quality of DIY lawn weed killers for the fact that the weeds don’t die as they perceive professional products to be better or of greater strength.

This is to a very large degree false. The active ingredients in a professional weed killer used by a green keeper on grass are identical to those in a DIY one. Fluroxypyr in Scotts Weedol (Verdone) a DIY lawn weed killer is exactly the same as Fluroxypyr in Holster or Bastion, both professional products. The same thing goes for 2,4-D, mecoprop-P, dicamba and MCPA all found in Resolva Lawn DIY weed killer but also in many many professional products. The strength of the concentrate may well be different for safety reasons but this only means you need more concentrate for diluting compared to a professional product. The mixing instructions provided on the container will give you a perfectly effective weed killer if used correctly.

The biggest reasons for lack of success are:

  • Not mixing the correct strength of weed killer as recommended by the manufacturer
  • Sprayers or watering cans that don’t deliver the correct amount
  • Sprayers that are not suited to spraying flat surfaces
  • Not having a pretty accurate idea of the lawn area to be treated
  • Applying in dry conditions
  • Applying at the wrong time of year - before May or after September

To ensure success:

  • Follow the mixing instructions on the weed killer container
  • Use the following pages or the video section for help with accurate and safe mixing
  • The nozzles and weed and feed sprinkle bar we recommend will help with applying the correct amount evenly
  • Get a good measurement of your lawn
  • If you purchase from us we provide a guide called the ‘Dilution Solution’ to help you with accurate mixing and spraying
  • Apply when the lawn is growing well. There should be plenty of moisture in the soil
  • Feed a couple of weeks before applying the weedkiller. This gets a better result and helps the grass fill in once the weeds die