Selective Lawn Weed Killers

Selective Lawn Weed Killers

Weed killers are herbicides; a type of pesticide used to kill plants. Insecticides and fungicides are also pesticides. When using pesticides always read the label and use them safely.

Weed killers for use on lawns are selective. In other words they kill most broadleaved plants such as clover and that aren’t grass IF used correctly! If they are used incorrectly, for example by being too dilute they won’t control the weeds. If they are over applied they may start to affect the grass.

The instructions for your weed killer may state a maximum of one application a year. Presumably this is to safe guard the grass and NOT the weeds! The logic, therefore, is that the side effects of the lawn weed killer above a certain level may damage or even kill the grass. The Lawnsmith recommended weed killers, Weedol (Verdone) and Resolva, state only one treatment per year. However, we have selected them because of their different active ingredients which means you can now treat twice a year if you need to as long as you use each product just once. This only applies when spraying the whole lawn with diluted weed killer concentrate NOT ‘ready to use’ weed killers for spot treating weeds which if targeted on the weed can be used more often.

Selective Lawn Weed Killer Benefits:

  • Kill the weeds and not the grass if used correctly
  • Are easy to apply accurately
  • Have low risk to the grass
  • Are very effective because contact with the weed is superior to ‘weed & feed’ products
  • Don’t require watering in
  • Environmentally better because you only apply weedkiller when you need to kill weeds, not every time you feed the grass
  • Allow a choice of ‘active weed killing chemical’. Not all weeds are killed by the same weed killer so two different ones may be required
  • Child and pet safe as soon as the lawn is dry
  • Use Weed Killer Concentrate for whole lawn weed control - easy to apply with a watering can and sprinkle bar
  • Use Ready to Use Weed Killer for spot treating individual weeds
  • Use weed killers safely; see Weed Killer Health & Safety

When applying to the lawn it is important to:

  • Follow the instructions on the container
  • Know the area of lawn to be treated if treating the whole lawn
  • Not give an ‘extra squirt for luck’ if spot treating individual weed plants
  • Use our guidelines for easy application by watering can or knapsack sprayer

Better a live weed than a dead lawn!!