Here are some of the more minor lawn care treatments, problems and safety issues that are still important if you want your lawn to be a pleasure rather than a pain. Ignore them at your peril!

  • A Quick Guide to Everything
    Lawn Cuttings & Miscellany

    A Quick Guide to Everything

    Know what chemicals and treatments can be applied together and what order to apply them will give much much better results!

  • Dog & Bitch Urine
    Lawn Cuttings & Miscellany

    Dog & Bitch Urine

    How to stop dead patches being caused by dog or bitch urine and how to repair them if you’re not paying attention

  • Flooded Lawns
    Lawn Cuttings & Miscellany

    Flooded Lawns

    How to repair your lawn if it gets flooded or just becomes water logged from excessive rainfall

  • Frost, Freezing and Snow
    Lawn Cuttings & Miscellany

    Frost, Freezing and Snow

    During winter take care in frost conditions or when snow is heavy as you can damage the grass and cause a snow mould attack

  • Lawn Care Companies
    Lawn Cuttings & Miscellany

    Lawn Care Companies

    As a rule Lawn Care Companies will treat your lawn with fertiliser and weed killer 3 to 4 times a year

  • Leaves on the Lawn
    Lawn Cuttings & Miscellany

    Leaves on the Lawn

    Leaf fall can kill grass, cause lawn diseases, increase moss and worm casts. Clear the leaves frequently before they harm your lawn

  • Odd Lawn Damage
    Lawn Cuttings & Miscellany

    Odd Lawn Damage

    Petrol, power tools, cups of tea and tradesmen can cause odd damage and dead patches in the lawn

  • Pet Friendly & Child Safe Lawns
    Lawn Cuttings & Miscellany

    Pet Friendly & Child Safe Lawns

    Many Lawnsmith products used correctly are pet and child friendly. Even guinea pigs, rabbits and tortoises can graze safely after a short period

  • Rolling the Lawn
    Lawn Cuttings & Miscellany

    Rolling the Lawn

    Rolling the lawn is to firm the surface and to correct frost heave. It will not flatten the surface or sort a bumpy lawn

  • Watering the Lawn
    Lawn Cuttings & Miscellany

    Watering the Lawn

    Most people irrigate grass and turf incorrectly which creates shallow roots and lots of weeds so do it right or don’t do it at all!