Seasonal Lawn Care Tips & Problems

Some grass problems affect many lawns such as trees shading the grass, yet others have recurring problems in spring, summer, autumn and winter. Hopefully we have some answers here.

Spring Lawn Repair
After a dismal winter your lawn can be in a terrible state. Help is at hand here!
dry summer lawn
Repairing Burnt Summer Lawns
How to revive and repair burnt summer lawns and grass after a long period with little or no rain
winter lawn
Winter Die-back & Lawn Problems
Prevention is better than cure but if your winter lawn care falls short then here are the ways to improve a poorly winter lawn
winter lawn care tips
Winter Lawn Care Tips
Winter lawns can look pretty awful but don't need to be. With a little knowledge and planning you can have a fantastic lawn all year round.
wetting agent
When to use a Lawn Wetting Agent
Wetting agents improve rain and water uptake in the lawn. It helps water to penetrate and spread, improving availability to the grass and reducing total water usage.
summer lawn care
Summer Lawn Care
In summer consideration needs to be given to heat and drought so keeping the lawn correctly fertilised, cut and aerated will help the lawn stay greener for longer.
dry lawn
My Lawn is Dry
Grass in a healthy lawn is very resilient and can survive short periods of drought but after that things can deteriorate rapidly so learn how to drought proof your lawn.
leaves on the lawn
Leaves on the Lawn
Leaf fall can kill grass, cause lawn diseases, increase moss and worm casts. Clear the leaves frequently before they harm your lawn.
late spring lawn care
Late Spring Lawn Care
By end of April and into May the lawn should be growing well so you can complete your lawn care and grass maintenance plans for the spring ready for summer.
dead or dormant grass
Is my Grass Dead or Dormant?
Whichever it is the chances are the grass turns a straw brown colour. Other than that, there is visually little difference in the lawn so try some simple tests
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