Grass Seeding Techniques and Problems

Not enough water, buried too deep, pigeons, compaction, weedy turf, too cold, too dry are just a few of the problems facing you when planting grass seed or laying turf.

Winter lawn damage
Winter Lawn Damage
During winter, several things can go wrong with your lawn, from grass thinning a little to a complete loss of grass in some areas to an invasion of moss and strange-coloured patches.
Grass Seed for Under Trees and Dry Shade
Grass Seed for Under Trees - Dry Shade
This is a place where trees or other plants out-compete the grass for ground water and may also prevent showers from reaching the lawn.
Grass seed for heavy or wet shade
Grass Seed for Heavy or Wet Shade
Areas of lawn where little light gets to the grass for long periods, usually from autumn through to spring.
Grass seed for dry areas of your lawn
Grass Seed for Dry Areas
Sandy or poor soils and the drier east of the country are presented with a challenge when it comes to lawn care. This is where choosing drought-tolerant grasses will help.
Grass seed for growing in clay soil
Grass Seed for Clay Soil
When dealing with clay soil, it's important to choose grass seed varieties that are well-suited to these conditions. Here are a few grass seed options that tend to perform well in clay soils.
Can i mix grass seed together
Can I mix Grass Seeds Together?
Lawn seed will already be a mixture of a variety of grass species. Mixing two together before sowing just halves the benefits and doesn't increase them.
Why grass seed doesn
Why Grass Seed doesn’t Grow!
Grass seed is easy to germinate and grow into a lawn if you get the planting, moisture and temperature right. Here are some very common grass seed sowing mistakes.
When to Feed New Grass
When to Feed New Grass
For convenience, you can fertilise the seeded lawn area on the day of sowing. However, this may not always be best due to changing weather patterns.
When can I Start Mowing my New Grass?
When can I Start Mowing my New Grass?
Care must be taken when cutting a new lawn for the first time, as the grass is tender and the roots are shallow. Sharp mower blades and dry grass are essential.
When can I Walk on my New Lawn?
When can I Walk on my New Lawn?
The best way to decide is not by time but by the condition of the grass. Grass seed, or turf laid in perfect conditions in April in Cornwall, will establish twice as quickly as that sown in Aberdeen.
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