Moss in the Lawn

Moss in the lawn is a common problem and treating it the wrong way can cause even more moss.

Here we give you top tips on controlling moss in your grass.

what kills moss on a lawn permanently
What Kills Moss on a Lawn Permanently?
Ferrous sulphate is the quickest, most versatile and cheapest moss killer for lawns. A bit like the common cold though, moss will always come back if the conditions are right!
which moss killer to use
Which Lawn Moss Killer to use and When
There are a variety of moss killers on the market each having their own particular benefits. The most flexible and useful ones are discussed here.
what time of year is best to kill moss
What Time of Year is Best to Kill Moss?
You have three opportunities to kill moss in the lawn: spring, autumn, and winter. Spring is the best time to do it, as moss is usually the worst at this time of year.
moss killer safe for pets
What Lawn Moss Killer is Safe for Pets
Here we discuss the various lawn moss killer and ferrous or iron sulphate products that the homeowner can use without killing their pets and wider family.
problems with moss killer on grass
Problems with Moss Killer on Grass
Common problems when putting moss killer on the lawn. Some moss killers can be very aggressive to the grass yet others like washing up liquid shouldn't be used.
lawn sand moss killer
Lawn Sand Moss Killer
Lawn sand is a lawn care product that typically consists of a mixture of sand, iron sulfate and occasionally fertiliser in very small quantities. Here are some pros and cons of using lawn sand:
lawn moss control
Lawn Moss Control in Autumn
As the weather cools and gets wetter you may notice a resurgence of moss. Quite often this happens too late for moss removal but you can still kill it!
how to kill moss in winter
How to Kill Lawn Moss in Winter
Winter is the time of greatest threat to your lawn from moss because moss thrives in the cooler wetter weather whilst grass growth slows and can't fight back!
getting rid of moss in spring
How to get Rid of Moss in Spring
After a cool wet winter most lawns will be showing some moss. You may get away with simply killing the moss or need to rake and over sow with new grass seed.
how long does it take for moss killer to work
How Long does it take for Moss Killer to Work?
Some moss killers work very quickly but more important than how quickly is how well do they work and how easy to apply. Here is the low down.
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