Sometimes your lawn can look like a car crash, but joking aside, the damage from some common lawn problems can be far worse!

  • Dog & Bitch Urine
    Common Lawn Problems

    Dog Urine & Wear

    How to stop dead patches being caused by dog or bitch urine and how to repair them if you’re not paying attention

  • Worms & Worm Casts
    Pests & Diseases of Lawns

    Problems with Worms & Worm Casts in the Lawn

    Worms benefit the lawn by increasing organic breakdown and improving aeration and fertility however they do cause problems with their spiral casts

  • Toadstools
    Pests & Diseases of Lawns

    Mushrooms and Toadstools in The Lawn

    These are usually a sign of a healthy soil though on occasions a crop of toadstools will grow due to an excessive thatch layer or form a fairy ring

  • My Lawn is Growing Tall Grass Stalks
    Common Lawn Problems

    My Lawn is Growing Tall Grass Stalks

    All grasses, including lawn grasses, produce seed heads with some being more numerous and noticeable than others. One of those is rye grass.

  • Leaves on the Lawn
    Seasonal Lawn Care Tips & Problems

    Leaves on the Lawn

    Leaf fall can kill grass, cause lawn diseases, increase moss and worm casts. Clear the leaves frequently before they harm your lawn

  • Lawn Burn
    Common Lawn Problems

    Lawn Burn

    Lawn burn or scorch from fertiliser, weed killer or dog pee causes degrees of damage from yellowing of the grass to killing areas of lawn. 

  • Odd Lawn Damage
    Common Lawn Problems

    Odd Lawn Damage

    Petrol, power tools, cups of tea and tradesmen can cause odd damage and dead patches in the lawn