Weedol (Verdone) Lawn Weed Killer Ready to Use

Key Features
Controls common broad leaved weeds in lawns
Ready to Use weed killer for easy application
Contains fluroxypyr, clopyralid and MCPA

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800ml size

  • Weedol Lawn Weedkiller is the new name for Verdone - otherwise no difference
  • Formulated for use on lawns
  • Selective weed killer for broad leaved weeds
  • Also controls small-leaved weeds including Black Medick, Lesser Trefoil and White Clover
  • Use between April and September in good growing conditions
  • Can be used on new lawns after 2 months
  • Lawn may be used once application is dry
  • Grazing pets may be allowed on after 3 cuts

Weeds Listed on the Pack

These are the weeds that the product has been tested against. It will kill many others.

  • Black Medic
  • Dandelion
  • Daisy
  • Lesser trefoil
  • Mouse-ear Chickweed
  • Plantain
  • White Clover

Always read the label and use pesticides safely

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Application Method
Ready to use spray bottle
Lawn Safety after Treatment
Pets that eat grass/weeds to be kept off for 3 cuts, None hazardous for children, dogs and cats once dry,
Weeds Listed on the Pack
Black Medic, Clover, Common Mouse Ear, Dandelion, Daisy, Lesser Trefoil, Plantain,
Ideal Combinations
Option 2, Option 3,
Use on New Lawns
Over 2 months old, Over 6 months old,
Active Ingredients
MCPA, Fluroxypyr, Clopyralid,
Product Type
Weed Killer

Customer reviews

4.5 / 5
62 reviews for Weedol (Verdone) Lawn Weed Killer Ready to Use
eKomi customer reviews
Leszek Marcinowicz
Works well.
Rated 4 out of 5
Michael Frost
Works on most broadleaf weeds... but not all
Rated 4 out of 5
Mike Reynolds
Product came individually packaged in its own bag to prevent and spillages , superb product does the job without any effect on the grass
Rated 5 out of 5
Works fantastic.
Rated 5 out of 5
only used it a little so far
Rated 3 out of 5