Earthway Super Shoulder Fertiliser Spreader

Key Features
Earthway 2750 spreader - Fill it, sling it and go
The most versatile spreader available today
Suitable for lawns from 20 to 2000m2

Great for use with Fertiliser and Grass Seed

From £12.95
From £19.50
From £13.95


The 'ONLY' lawn fertiliser spreader you'll ever need - as seen on Spring Watch 2016

  • Modern version of the grass seed fiddle spreader
  • 12 litre bag capacity - 10 kilos fertiliser or 5 kilos grass seed
  • Shaker agitator to maintain steady product flow
  • Spring loaded rapid shut off
  • Reliable, light and simple to use
  • Perfect for fertiliser, grass seed and as a salt spreader
  • Will fertilise up to 400 square metres on one fill up
  • Easy to navigate trees, shrubberies etc
  • Great in tight corners and unusual shapes
  • No pushing up slopes or risk of tipping
  • Bumpy lawns are no problem
  • No 'stripes' or problems with straight lines
  • Very useful 2 to 6 metre wide spread
  • Quicker than using a 'push' rotary spreader
  • Stores on a shelf or hangs on a hook
  • 1 year manufacturers limited warranty

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Lawn Shape
Any shape, Straight sides - flat and smooth, Contoured or undulating, Complex, obstacles or bumpy,
Lawn Size
less than 50m², 50 to 200m², 200 to 500m², 500m² to 2000m², Over half an acre,
Use to Spread
Fertiliser without weed killer, Grass seed, Cover crops, De-icing salt - must be dry,
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Customer reviews

4.6 / 5
180 reviews for Earthway Super Shoulder Fertiliser Spreader
eKomi customer reviews
Lesley Morgan
Much easier to use/store than old push along spreader. My lawns are narrow so wasn't able to fully prevent seed spread to borders and paths but hopefully easily resolved by hoeing and raking a few times.
Rated 5 out of 5
Ron Bowie
This product takes time and usage to gain maximum benefit. The operation of the spreader requires timely use of the handle and open/close lever.Important to walk and turn handle before opening lever to distribute fertiliser.Likewise close lever and continue walking at end of run. If not accurate with this then a dump of fertiliser can occur, which will need to be seen to.
Rated 4 out of 5
Justin Holker
Despite others liking this spreader, I found it difficult to use. Also, unless your lawn is very wide, the spread of this being 3 to 4 m wide is too wide for smaller lawns making it difficult to follow the advice to half dose one way and then half dose the other way. There is no setting to be able to narrow the "throw" of the spreader, and tipping it to one side as shown on the instruction videos was also not successful as it was difficult to keep an even spread when tipping it.
Rated 1 out of 5
graham FULLER
found the delivery of fertiliser to be far to quick for my 90sq/m lawn even though it was set on its slowest delivery setting. Build quality is good however but will probably deliver fertiliser by hand from now on, slower but just as good.
Rated 2 out of 5
Nigel Toon
Easy to use, scale is in lbs/10000 sq ft, easy enough to convert into g/M2. Useful zipped hopper - can use it in the drizzle without the seed/fertiliser getting wet and clumping.
Rated 5 out of 5

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