Earthway Super Shoulder Fertiliser Spreader

Key Features
Earthway 2750 spreader - Fill it, sling it and go
The most versatile spreader available today
Suitable for lawns from 20 to 2000m2

Great for use with Fertiliser and Grass Seed

From £12.80
From £17.95
From £13.95


The 'ONLY' lawn fertiliser spreader you'll ever need - as seen on Spring Watch 2016

  • Modern version of the grass seed fiddle spreader
  • 12 litre bag capacity - 10 kilos fertiliser or 5 kilos grass seed
  • Shaker agitator to maintain steady product flow
  • Spring loaded rapid shut off
  • Reliable, light and simple to use
  • Perfect for fertiliser, grass seed and as a salt spreader
  • Will fertilise up to 400 square metres on one fill up
  • Easy to navigate trees, shrubberies etc
  • Great in tight corners and unusual shapes
  • No pushing up slopes or risk of tipping
  • Bumpy lawns are no problem
  • No 'stripes' or problems with straight lines
  • Very useful 2 to 6 metre wide spread
  • Quicker than using a 'push' rotary spreader
  • Stores on a shelf or hangs on a hook
  • 1 year manufacturers limited warranty

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Lawn Shape
Any shape, Straight sides - flat and smooth, Contoured or undulating, Complex, obstacles or bumpy,
Lawn Size
less than 50m², 50 to 200m², 200 to 500m², 500m² to 2000m², Over half an acre,
Use to Spread
Fertiliser without weed killer, Grass seed, Cover crops, De-icing salt - must be dry,
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Customer reviews

4.6 / 5
166 reviews for Earthway Super Shoulder Fertiliser Spreader
eKomi customer reviews
Edward Johnson
Does what it should do and really well !
Rated 5 out of 5
Richard Toft
See earlier comments. I have yet to use the device to broadcast seed as I have not prepared the site.
Rated 4 out of 5
Francis Keeling
Bought on basis of Lawnsmith review . Takes some practice but reduces spreading to a few minutes rather than hours
Rated 5 out of 5
Colin Hayward
Easy to use, bit messy and not sure how well it will hold up on regular use, suspect bag will come away from base in time.
Rated 3 out of 5
Nigel Woodall
Very impressed. Took 10 mins to get used to it but then it was all steam ahead. The results are great - much more consistent than with my old wheels drop spreader.
Rated 5 out of 5

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