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Sprayers & Accessories

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  • Accurate professional quality knapsack sprayer
  • Ideal for all lawns and larger spray areas
  • Accepts various nozzles for multiple applications

For price comparison this is a 'Super Agro Pro' NOT a 'Super Green'!

  • Produces wide, even spray pattern
  • Improves coverage and speeds application
  • A 'MUST HAVE' for spraying lawns
  • Professional quality compression sprayer
  • Ideal for 'spot' spraying and for small lawns
  • For use with liquid fertiliser, moss and weed killer
  • Adapt your watering can for lawns and moss control
  • Ideal for liquid fertiliser, iron sulphate or weed killer
  • A MUST for applying products by watering can
  • Re-usable chemical resistant safety gloves
  • Ideal for use with weed killers and garden chemicals
  • Also useful when handling many household chemicals
  • Protect your eyes from splashes
  • Inexpensive and sensible eye protection
  • Better to be safe than sorry
  • Pack contains nozzles, elbow & filter
  • Also fits Berthoud and Cooper Peglar sprayers
  • Spray shrubs, trees, roses, paths etc

Already included with our Matabi sprayers

Knapsack and compression sprayers, nozzles and accessories for all lawn, garden and greenhouse needs. For use with weed killer, moss killer, liquid fertiliser and insecticides on lawns, driveways, shrubs, roses and more.