Sprayers buying guide

Sprayers & Accessories Buying Guide

What kind of sprayer do I need?

Reliability and consistency are the key. You are going to be spraying some ‘not very nice’ chemicals on to your lawn and possibly other plants. If your sprayer doesn’t meter the dose reliably and evenly then either the weeds and moss won’t die or the grass or your plants will! This is why our sprayers aren’t the cheapest models but they are about as good as you’ll find anywhere.

We have just three excellent sprayers, one of which should suit your pocket and lawn.

Weed & Feed Sprinkle bar

This is ten times more consistent than using a rose on the watering can and is great for lawns up to 100m2 and will even allow you to do 200m2 without too much effort.

Weed & Feed Sprinkle bar.
Weed & Feed Sprinkle bar

Super Agro Knapsack Sprayer

From 200m2 you should be using our knapsack sprayer. It's a low end professional model and will not let you down. It will also allow you to do various other spray jobs around the garden or greenhouse with a quick change of the nozzle.

Matabi Super Agro Knapsack Sprayer.
Super Agro Knapsack Sprayer

Kima 9

If your lawn is less than 100m2 but you want to use your sprayer for other small spray jobs then the Kima 9 compression sprayer is the best choice. Once again, various nozzles can be attached for virtually any gardening spray job.

Matabi Kima 9 compression sprayer.
Kima 9 compression sprayer

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Common Q&A's

Why do I need 'deflector nozzles' on my sprayer?

Most sprayers come with a fitted cone nozzle. This only allows a small flow of spray AND you also have to ‘swish’ it about to cover a lawn. Therefore, if you are spraying moss or weeds which need to be well saturated with spray, a lawn of only 100m2 will take you half an hour!

Now put on a deflector nozzle. Our most popular one (blue) will allow you a spray rate approximately 4 times greater than a cone nozzle. Add to that, the spray is one meter wide allowing you to just walk up and down the lawn (just like mowing) and will mean that you’ll be done in about 5 minutes.

The choice is yours!

NB These nozzles only fit our sprayers (Matabi), Cooper Pegler and Berthoud that we know of.

Am I better off with a 20 litre knapsack sprayer?

Our Super Agro holds 16 litres which is the most popular size used by professionals, green keepers and lawn care operators. Sixteen litres is quite heavy and when it starts sloshing around it feels even heavier. You’ll find something in the area of 10 to 12 litres a more comfortable weight and easily manageable. Start carrying 20 litres and you’ll soon regret it!

Do I need to clean the sprayer?

When you have finished spraying always put a couple of litres of clean water in the sprayer, swish it around and then pump through to clean all the hoses.

If you are using the sprayer for different products do this 3 times and add a couple of drops of washing up liquid to clean number 2.

Please don't spray the cleaning water down the drain. Spray back on to the lawn (it's very weak) or onto a waste area or gravel path so as not to contaminate water courses.

Can I mix in the sprayer?

You can mix liquid chemicals with water in the sprayer. Half fill with water, add the required amount of chemical and then add the rest of the water which will then mix everything together.

Do NOT mix powders in the sprayer as this will cause blockages and wearing to the seals. Mix powdered products in a bucket and when dissolved decant into the sprayer leaving the last little bit of undissolved powder and water in the bucket.