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Seed & Fertiliser Spreaders

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  • The most versatile spreader available today
  • Spreading simplified - fill it, sling it and go!
  • Suitable for lawns from 20 to 2000m2
  • Light weight, tough and highly maneuverable
  • Perfect for grass seed, fertilizer, lawn sand and ice melt
  • For medium to large lawns up to an acre
  • Fertiliser and seed spreader for large and fine turf areas
  • 20 spread variations with border control
  • Unique high performance agitation system
  • Earthway Model 7312 is a light weight drop spreader
  • Use with 'weed and feed', 'moss and feed' and grass seed
  • Stops product contaminating other areas


It can be very tempting to buy a cheap or budget spreader particularly if you're only going to use it once or twice a year. A cheap spreader will not give you consistent accurate spreading which may only cost you a little more in fertiliser but may also mean some serious damage to the lawn if you do spread unevenly. So, buy the best you can afford; it will be nicer to use and will always be cheaper than repairing your lawn!