Lawnsmith STAYGREEN Grass Seed

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Key Features
Drought tolerant 'water saver' grass seed
Ideal for sandy soils and dry shade
Low maintenance lawn for games, kids and dogs

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Sowing Rates

  • New lawn: 35 grams per square metre
  • Over seeding: 25 to 35 grams per square metre

When to Use

  • Hard wearing lawn ideal for families with children and dogs
  • Produces and easy to maintain and excellent looking deep green turf
  • Contains rhizomatous tall fescue (RTF) for improved drought tolerance
  • Also perfect for dry areas, repairs under trees or to reduce watering demand
  • When mature withstands dog and bitch urine better than most owing to deep roots
  • Strangely, it will also survive better in areas with temporary water logging

Promoting drought tolerance in existing lawns

If you are over seeding to create a more drought tolerant lawn you will need to over seed at the full new lawn rate on at least 2 or 3 consecutive years to enable the Staygreen grasses to dominate over your existing grasses. In addition if your lawn is over 20 years old it is likely to suffer compaction which will seriously compromise the drought tolerance of the Staygreen grasses.

Mowing Height

  • Normal use: 1" to 11/2"  (2.5 to 4cm)
  • Heavy use, winter or drought: 2.5" or above (6cm plus)

Grass Seed Mixture

  • 30% Dwarf perennial rye grass
  • 35% Rhizomateous tall fescue
  • 35% Tall fescue 

The Seeding Secret:

There are many 'miracle' patch, repair and seed packs that claim to germinate and grow quicker than the next! The secret - a bit of fertiliser! So, for new lawns or patching sow your seed between April and September, have the sprinkler ready if it doesn't rain and feed your new seedlings with a STARTER feed to speed establishment and bring your new lawn into use sooner. For established lawns when over seeding use a seasonal fertiliser; the 'sandy soil' version is the best for this situation as it contains a broader range of nutrients compared to the 'clay soil' version thus looking after both your existing grass and the new seedlings better.

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Ideal Use
Family, fun and games
Seed Mixture
Dwarf perennial ryegrass
Rhizomatous tall fescue
Soil Type
Clay, Loam, Sandy, Chalk,


Lawn Fineness
Medium to medium coarse
How Green
Deepest green of all
Leaf Type
Narrow to medium flat

Growth, Feeding & Maintenance

At least one per year
Scarifying requirement
Light scarify every 2-3 years
Establishment from seed
6 to 8 weeks
Growth Rate


Shade tolerance
Reasonable to good
Recovery from damage
Extreme Conditions
Stoney or poor soils, Dry shade - under trees, Coastal - salty, Periodic flooding,

Customer reviews

4.7 / 5
465 reviews for Lawnsmith STAYGREEN Grass Seed
eKomi customer reviews
tony fitzmaurice
Great service
Rated 5 out of 5
stephen chapman
First time I’ve used lawnsmith grass seed and it’s too early to properly review as I’m waiting ti see how it grows, but if it’s as good as their fertiliser then I won’t be disappointed
Rated 5 out of 5
Great seed
Rated 5 out of 5
Gary Tinkler
Only just put down but don’t expect any issues
Rated 5 out of 5
Terry Pinchin
Grasses for the location that needs it
Rated 5 out of 5

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