Lawnsmith Solugreen Soluble Lawn Fertiliser

Key Features
SOLUBLE lawn fertiliser for LIQUID feeding
Suitable for ALL soil and grass types
Ideal as part of an advanced lawn care program

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For price comparison this is a 'Super Agro Pro' NOT a 'Super Green'!



Application Rate

4 to 6 grams per m2

Directions for Use

  • This is a soluble product to be applied by sprayer or watering can
  • Quickly soluble granules for application as a liquid lawn fertiliser
  • Easily applied by sprayer or watering can with sprinkle bar
  • Foliar feeding for rapid uptake of nutrients by grass
  • Apply between April and August
  • Improved control of colour and growth for the enthusiast
  • Lasts 4 weeks depending on temperature: repeat as required
  • Ideal as 'booster' lawn food during good growth conditions
  • For use on lawns over 4 months old
  • Will not cause staining to hard surfaces
  • Also an ideal liquid feed for hanging baskets, tubs and planters
  • Lawn may be used immediately application is dry
  • Grazing pets may be allowed on after 3 cuts

Lawn Fertiliser Analysis NPK: 33-0-11

  • 33% Nitrogen, 11% Potassium, 3% Magnesium
  • Nitrogen for steady growth and excellent grass colour
  • Potassium for improved moisture control and drought tolerance
  • Magnesium for health and colour
  • Trace elements included for superior grass health

How to use Soluble Fertiliser

Granular products; our Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter Fertilisers are the equivalent of your breakfast, lunch and dinner and therefore should be your main fertiliser products. A soluble food is a snack like you would have a banana or Kit-Kat. Therefore, use this product to supplement granular feeds from late spring to early autumn, not to replace them.

When not to use Soluble Fertilisers

Soluble feeding is feeding via the leaf as well as the roots. This means:

  • Using it on seedlings is not very effective and could burn the delicate young shoots
  • Can burn mature grass very easily in dry conditions
  • Doesn't work well in cold conditions
  • Doesn't have the right balance of nutrients for use from late autumn to early spring

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Season for Application
Late Spring, Summer,
Intended Use
Feeding the Lawn
Lawn Safety after Treatment
Pets that eat grass/weeds to be kept off for 3 cuts, None hazardous for children, dogs and cats once dry,
Soil Type
Clay, Loam, Sandy, Chalk,
Lasts for
Normal 4-6 weeks
Method of Application
By sprayer or watering can
Nutrient Content
Nitrogen, Potassium, Seaweed or Trace Elements, Magnesium,
Granule Size
Soluble Powder
Size and Coverage
2.5Kg Tub covers 500m2, 5Kg Tub covers 1000m2, 10Kg Tub covers 2000m2,
Product Type

Customer reviews

4.8 / 5
173 reviews for Lawnsmith Solugreen Soluble Lawn Fertiliser
eKomi customer reviews
John Carson
Goods delivered on time. Moss is black and grass is Green!
Rated 5 out of 5
Susan Steele
After working out how much to use with the correct amount of water it was easy to sprinkle on the lawn but you need to sprinkle quickly in order to cover the area correctly.
Rated 5 out of 5
John Hawksfield
Easy to apply
Rated 5 out of 5
Derrick Jones
Does what it says.
Rated 5 out of 5
Robert Jones
Arrived promptly
Rated 5 out of 5