Lawnsmith Seaweed Bio-Bloom

Key Features
For all year round turf health & root development
Acts as a bio-stimulant, improving fertiliser uptake
With added Potassium for drought and stress tolerance

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Seaweed is NOT Food!

Seaweed improves the performance of fertiliser and is not a substitute. As a guide we would say to apply granular or liquid fertiliser a week to a month after any application of seaweed. If you are maintaining a regular supply of seaweed into the lawn this becomes less important though you should always look to apply fertiliser at least a few days after any seaweed application.

For application by sprayer or watering can January to December

  • Lawn specific Seaweed formula with added Potassium
  • A natural extract with an organic source of nutrients
  • Improves drought and stress tolerance
  • Improves fertiliser efficiency and uptake
  • Promotes seed germination and establishment
  • Strengthens turf growth and health
  • Enhances soil structure
  • Improves water retention of soil
  • Stimulates root development
  • Reduces heat and drought stress
  • Assists the plants natural defenses and disease resistance
  • Improves biological activity in the soil

Safety & Application Recommendations

  • Can be used all year round but avoid drought, constant rain or freezing
  • Can be applied in times of high lawn stress such as after water logging or during heat
  • Treatments during the growing are improved by applying a few days prior to fertilising
  • Non toxic and safe for children and pets
  • Use within 12 months of opening

Rates & Timing

To get full benefit this product needs to be used regularly either monthly or seasonally throughout the growing season normally March to October.

Can be applied in cooler winter months to aid problem and older lawns or maintain Ornamental Lawns and Sports Turf.

Monthly Rate: Apply at 20 milliliters in 0.5 to 1 litre water per 10m2 lawn.

Seasonal Rate (3-4 applications a year): Apply at 50 milliliters in 1 to 2 litres water per 10m2 lawn.

To get the amount in litres required for a full year:

  • If applying monthly for 8 months March to October multiply your lawn area by 0.016
  • If applying monthly for 12 months multiply your lawn area by 0.024
  • If applying seasonally in spring, summer and autumn multiply your lawn area by 0.015
  • If applying seasonally for all 4 seasons multiply your lawn area by 0.02

Lawn area should be in yards or metres


Season for Application
Early Spring, Late Spring, Summer, Early Autumn, Late Autumn, Winter,
Intended Use
Over Seeding & Repairs, New Lawns, Greening (minimal growth), Improving Water Availability, Biostimulant,
Lawn Safety after Treatment
None hazardous for children, dogs and cats, None hazardous to pets that eat grass/weeds once dry,
Soil Type
Clay, Loam, Sandy, Chalk,
Method of Application
By sprayer or watering can
Nutrient Content
Potassium, Seaweed or Trace Elements,
Size and Coverage
1 litre covers 500m2, 5 litres covers 2,500m2, 10 litres covers 5,000m2,
Product Type
Fertiliser, Drought Treatments,

Customer reviews

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3 reviews for Lawnsmith Seaweed Bio-Bloom
eKomi customer reviews
Anthony Kelham
Any seaweed product used correctly will give results
Rated 5 out of 5
Luke Drunis
You can really see the difference this product makes
Rated 5 out of 5
Graham Burchnall
Great product.
Rated 5 out of 5