Winter lawn food

Best Lawn Food for Winter

There is plenty of root growth in winter as the lawn soil at root depth is invariably warmer than the air. Keeping the roots fed means a healthy resilient lawn.

There is very little leaf growth in winter but plenty of root growth as the soil at root depth is invariably warmer than the air. This means keeping the roots fed. In addition, you don’t need to have a shabby looking lawn over winter as many people do. It can and should be green, tidy and the best-looking part of the garden.

How do I Keep my Lawn Green During Winter?

Iron is the secret ingredient for a fantastic lawn over the cooler months. It doesn’t promote growth whilst enhancing the green colour of the lawn.

It comes in a couple of varieties:

  • Green-up Ferrous Sulphate is the equivalent of a vitamin iron tablet to you and me. It doesn’t promote growth and is best applied as a liquid. It’s cheap, greens rapidly, can be applied frequently and stores well.
  • Winter Green High Iron contains a large amount of Ferrous Sulphate but also some nutrients such as nitrogen (to feed the roots) and potassium. This is highly beneficial to replace lost nutrients in mild or wet winters which are becoming more and more common with climate change. Apply during a mild spell after a light topping with the mower, from late December to late February, and the lawn will be super green in a few days.

You’ll have less Moss with Winter Treatments

Applying our winter products will also have a very detrimental effect on the moss. Applied at slightly higher rates than for greening above, you can suppress the moss so that when spring comes you may find you don’t have much of a moss problem at all.

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You’ll have Fewer Worm Casts

During wetter weather worms are able to surface leaving messy casts in the lawn. Ferrous Sulphate acidifies the soil surface making it less palatable to the worms so fewer surface meaning fewer squidgy casts.

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In Summary

Many many benefits from using iron or a winter feed on your lawn. Mow on a relatively high setting prior to application and enjoy a tidy green lawn through winter.