why feed a lawn

Why Feed a Lawn?

Mowing and using the lawn wears it out so using a quality grass fertilizer is essential lawn maintenance for a good looking green lawn

There are several good reasons why you should apply fertiliser products to your lawn:

Because you mow the lawn

Firstly, it is the only garden plant that is ‘pruned’ twenty or more times in a year. Imagine a year’s clippings piled together and suddenly you realise how much grass you have removed with the mower. These clippings are the result of the plant manufacturing and growing leaves by using sun light (photosynthesis) and extracting nutrients from the soil.

There is always (hopefully) plenty of sun but nutrients (fertiliser) can and does run out and needs to be replaced. If you don’t replace them with the best possible lawn fertiliser the grass will eventually become thin allowing weeds, moss and disease to dominate.

Because you use the lawn

What other plant in your garden is regularly walked on just like a carpet? Very few plants would tolerate it but grass can put up with a lot of abuse. Just think of the effects of horseracing, rugby, cricket or football.

This wear and tear takes its toll on the grass and it therefore needs all the help it can get to recover and repair. A good supply of nitrogen and nutrient products in the form of lawn fertiliser is essential and will also help the grass stay healthy and be harder wearing.

Because it looks better

Let’s face it; a thin, patchy, weedy lawn is an eyesore and is the best way to make your home look neglected! A great looking green lawn on the other hand is a beautiful site and you don’t need to be a gardener, green keeper or Lawnsmith to be able to make that judgement.

A properly fertilised lawn will be thicker and greener. The extra density will help smother and repel weeds and moss. The grass will also have deeper roots and therefore will stay greener longer in dry weather. All in all a bit of lawn feed will go a long long way!