You’ll never have a good lawn without a little fertiliser. In this topic we explain what makes the best lawn fertiliser, why feeding the lawn is so important and also look at spreaders and fertiliser options so that you can make your lawn green and healthy.

  • Why Feed a Lawn?
    Lawn Fertiliser Advice

    Why Feed a Lawn?

    Mowing and using the lawn wears it out so using a quality grass fertilizer is essential lawn maintenance for a good looking green lawn

  • The Best Lawn Fertiliser Spreader
    Lawn Fertiliser Advice

    The Best Lawn Fertiliser Spreader

    Here is a lawn fertilizer spreader that is idiot proof. It's light, reliable, easy to use and very inexpensive. Also suitable for grass seed.

  • Rotary & Drop Fertiliser Spreaders
    Lawn Fertiliser Advice

    Rotary & Drop Fertiliser Spreaders

    Lawn feed and garden spreaders can be tricky to use so get the best spreader for your grass whether it's for fertiliser or grass seed

  • What is Lawn Fertiliser
    Lawn Fertiliser Advice

    What is Lawn Fertiliser

    Lawn fertiliser products contain chemical elements required by the grass. Knowing which ones are important can mean better lawns, easier lawn care and lower costs

  • Lawn Fertiliser Labels: NPK
    Lawn Fertiliser Advice

    Lawn Fertiliser Labels: NPK

    The label on your bag of lawn feed tells you how much nitrogen, potassium and phosphate is in the fertiliser. This is how it works...

  • Slow Release Lawn Fertiliser
    Lawn Fertiliser Advice

    Slow Release Lawn Fertiliser

    Using coated, soluble and slow release lawn fertiliser products can make the grass greener and lawn care maintenance and treatments a lot easier

  • Lawn Burn
    Lawn Fertiliser Advice

    No Scorch Fertiliser

    Feeding your grass with fertiliser shouldn't be a gamble on rain and weather. At Lawnsmith we've prepared lawn feed that is safer and easier to apply

  • Granular vs Liquid Grass Fertilisers
    Lawn Fertiliser Advice

    Granular vs Liquid Grass Fertilisers

    Dry or granular fertiliser products are easy to apply to the grass. Using liquid lawn fertiliser as a supplement is the snack between feeds for the lawn care enthusiast

  • Iron Sulphate for a Green Lawn
    Lawn Fertiliser Advice

    Iron Sulphate for a Green Lawn

    Also known as iron sulfate, soluble iron or sulphate of iron. Containing iron vitamin it gives a wonderful green up without extra mowing. It also kills moss!

  • Organic Lawn Fertilisers
    Lawn Fertiliser Advice

    Organic Lawn Fertilisers

    Organic feed for grass may not be ideal but sensible use of seaweed, green waste and chicken poo can produce excellent lawn fertiliser blends

  • Soil, pH and Fertiliser
    Lawn Fertiliser Advice

    Soil, pH and Fertiliser

    Your lawn fertilizer is only one of many factors helping to feed your grass and produce a healthy lawn. Water, pH, air and soil are just as important