At some point, due to age, use or poor maintenance a lawn is going need repairing and sometimes a complete renovation will be required. In some cases this may not be sufficient and re-instatement may be the only option.

  • Repairing the Lawn
    Repair & Renovation for Lawns

    Repairing the Lawn

    Worn patches of lawn, hollows, mole hills, fairy rings, shade and tree roots: a few simple techniques and a handful of lawn grass seed can make all the difference

  • Spring Lawn Repair
    Repair & Renovation for Lawns

    Spring Lawn Repair

    After a dismal winter your lawn can be in a terrible state. Help is at hand here!

  • Repairing Burnt Summer Lawns
    Repair & Renovation for Lawns

    Repairing Burnt Summer Lawns

    How to revive and repair burnt summer lawns and grass after a long period with little or no rain

  • Restoring an Old Lawn
    How to Improve your Lawns Looks

    Restoring an Old Lawn

    An old lawn suffers from compaction so any renovation should include an intense period of aeration, hollow tining and scarification to give it its best chance.

  • How to Repair with Grass Seed
    Repair & Renovation for Lawns

    How to Repair with Grass Seed

    You need three things when you use seed to repair your lawn; good seed to soil contact, even distribution of seed and finally constant moisture

  • Renovating the Lawn
    Repair & Renovation for Lawns

    Renovating the Lawn

    The introduction of new grass seed into the lawn. Some of the reasons for renovation may be excess thatch, weed grasses, bumps or lawn disease

  • Grass Seed Sowing Rates
    Repair & Renovation for Lawns

    Grass Seed Sowing Rates

    For patching 10 to 20 grass seeds per square inch is enough. For over-seeding you can use more or less depending on what you want to achieve