Pet Friendly & Child Safe Lawns

Pet Friendly & Child Safe Lawns

When the new arrival (puppy, kitten or baby) is ready for the great outdoors many people become overly cautious and see dangers around every corner. That’s not necessarily a bad thing as long as we bring some logic to the equation because the advantages of lawns, gardens and the countryside far outweigh the dangers.

A well maintained lawn is a healthy place

  • It reduces the threat of flooding by trapping rain water with minimal runoff
  • It traps dust and dirt particles keeping the air and windows cleaner
  • It absorbs road and airborne noises making homes and neighbourhoods quieter
  • It traps the sun’s rays reducing air temperature in and around the home
  • It is one of the safest play surfaces known to man
  • A 200 square meter lawn produces enough oxygen for a family of four
  • A healthy lawn is one of the best ways to reduce your carbon foot print

Lawn mowers and power tools are the main danger. Do keep the kids away when using them!

Lawn Feed

Lawnsmith Lawn Fertiliser in bulk needs to be stored out of reach and our granular (like mini pellets or sea salt) products once spread on the lawn sink into the turf and can hardly be seen let alone contacted so present next to no danger. The main hazard with regard fertilisers are the powdered products which stick to the leaves and can persist as a problem for several days or until watered in. In addition, Weed and Feed fertiliser mixtures are very powdery and also contain pesticides so need extra care. At Lawnsmith we prefer to keep it safe so our fertilisers are granular, not powder and do not contain weed killers or pesticides.

The liquid fertilisers, soluble fertilisers and liquid weed killers available in the Lawnsmith Shop are all considered safe once dry.

Weed Killer

Some manufacturers give guidance, some don't, but there is an industry wide acceptance that when using a liquid product, the lawn is safe to use once the spray has dried. If your pet eats a little grass occasionally, as dogs and cats also do, then leave a small section of longer grass unsprayed for this purpose for a few weeks after spraying.

If using weed and feed with weed killer then your pet needs to be kept off until the product is thoroughly watered in.

Moss Killer

Our moss killers are all safe and only need the following precautions as some products stain feet and paws:

  • Green-up Ferrous Sulphate: Can stain for up to 24 hours
  • Winter Green and Evergreen MossKill: Can stain for up to 3 days
  • MossOff: Will not stain. Lawn can be used once dry

Ant Control Granules

The active ingredients are derived from plant origins. There are no safety issues stated on the pack for use where dogs and cats visit. We would suggest if the area is used by pets that application as a liquid would be safest whilst keeping pets off until application is dry.

Fungicides & Insecticides

Fungicides are not selective and can kill helpful fungi in the lawn so we don’t recommend their use as there are other ways to address disease problems. Insecticides are rarely used on turf but you may need to control an ant invasion on occasions. Just follow the directions on the products and you can achieve a safe lawn that won’t bite!

Pets that graze and forage

For Lawnsmith granular fertiliser: Ducks and hens (and possibly rabbits, guinea pigs and tortoise) are perhaps better kept off until the fertiliser has dissolved into the soil completely.

The drought tolerant lawn.

With weed killer we refer you to the manufacturer’s recommendations, which are similar to our recommendations for applying soluble fertiliser including ferrous sulphate. That is to allow 3 mowings before allowing grazing/foraging pets on the lawn.

Finally, pets do have some peculiar idiosyncrasies so if you feel your pet is likely to consume or is sensitive to these products, then keep pets off or don’t use the product. Checking with a vet may also be advisable.