Grass seed for heavy or wet shade

Grass Seed for Heavy or Wet Shade

Areas of lawn where little light gets to the grass for long periods, usually from autumn through to spring.

Examples of Grass in Wet Shade

This is usually by buildings, walls and fences or any object that cast a shadow but does not over hang the grass nor does it compete with the grass for moisture.

Helping Grass Grow in Wet Shade

These all help maintain the grass cover:

  • Mow regularly but at a higher mower setting
  • By fences: Improve air flow if possible by using slatted panels that allow air through
  • Install drains if the area is too wet or run-off occurs from paths and patios

Wet Shade Lawn Seed

Due to the intense nature of shade from buildings and fences grass, may thin once winter sets in and light levels and day length reduce. This may mean some winter moss treatments are required and you will need to over seed in spring. Don’t seed too early, as shaded areas take longer to warm up, so growth and germination will occur later. Though you may think over seeding is a problem, it is a perfectly normal practice and a typical lawn care practice. It doesn’t take much effort and the rewards are considerable.

Our Shadygreen Grass Seed mixture will tolerate more shade than any other mixture but won’t grow in the dark!

Can I use Shade Grass Seed in Full Sun?

Yes you can. They are all happy in the sun but:

  • Shadygreen, due to its great shade tolerance, doesn’t like drying out so only use if you can water the lawn in hot dry weather.
  • Staygreen will love it. It’s a very hardy grass.
  • Classic may thin a little if the shade is too prolonged, but otherwise will do very well. 

Assessing the Need for Shade Grasses

It is important to consider the whole years light and shade on the lawn as it progresses from spring through to winter. There is no point in buying a shade seed just because last winter the grass thinned in a shaded spot. If it does it every year then yes, a shade seed would be the best bet but a one off bad winter shouldn't sway you from staying with what is best for the other 9 months of the year.

The Limits of Shade Grasses

There comes a point when even the best shade seed gives up the ghost. If you go down to the woods today and grass! So, if your spot is so shady even shade grass disappears over winter then either put something else down or be prepared to over seed every spring and consider it a very normal seasonal gardening job that for a few quid, makes a dull spot a very green spot.

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