lawn weed and feed

Lawn 'Weed and Feed'

'Weed and feed' is a clever lawn care idea. The problem is, for most people it doesn't work leaving stripes, burnt grass and even bigger weeds.

The professionals don’t use combined ‘weed and feed’ fertiliser products containing pesticides or weed killers. They use a quality grass fertiliser and a separate weed killer or pesticide.

At Lawnsmith we feel the same way so all Lawnsmith® Fertiliser is free of harmful pesticides and unless you are using our WINTER GREEN High Iron Lawn Feed you’ll get no staining of hard surfaces as is the case with most feed and weed products. Liquid weed killers can then be used which are much more effective and safe once dry.

In addition, timing is critical with all gardening tasks and the best time to feed is rarely the best time to weed. For example in spring, April is the ideal fertilising month, yet many weeds including clover don't fully appear until late May, so applying a weed killer with your feed in April misses most of the weeds, adds unnecessary chemicals into the ground and is a waste of money. It also prevents you from seeding as most products recommend a 2 month gap between their use and seeding.

The FERTILISING benefits are:

  • Wider choice: some lawn fertilisers work for up to 6 months from only one application!
  • Can use the lawn immediately after application
  • Safe for pets, plants and kids
  • Are granular not powdery so cleaner and easier to use
  • Used correctly they won’t cause fertiliser burn or scorch the grass
  • Don’t need watering in if applied correctly
  • No trying to guess the weather and apply in time for rain
  • Are far less likely to clog in the fertiliser spreader
  • Have much greater safety and margin for error
  • Makes spreading lawn fertilisers a doddle
  • Can be used in all shoulder, broadcast and drop spreaders
  • Kept correctly in a sealed container they will keep for many years

The WEED CONTROL benefits are:

  • It’s safer, it works and it costs less!
  • Weed killer quantities can be easily controlled
  • You only use weedkiller when you need it
  • For areas up to 300 metres square all you need is a watering can
  • You can ‘spot spray’ occasional weeds with a spot weed killer
  • Properly used this method can reduce pesticide input by up to 90%
  • Can achieve 99% control with our recommended weed killers
  • Used sensibly it is the best way to make lawn care child safe and pet friendly

In summary, if 'Weed and Feed' worked reliably and consistently, professionals would use it and we would sell it!