Spreading fertilizer

Can I Put Fertilizer on by Hand?

When spreading fertiliser on the lawn you need to do two simple things otherwise you'll damage the grass: spread the correct amount and put it on evenly.

Of course you can but it’s not advisable. Green Keepers and Lawnsmiths don’t and they spread tonnes of fertiliser a year.

Why Shouldn’t I Spread Fertiliser by Hand?

Your bag of fertiliser will recommend a rate of application; let’s say 30g per square metre. At this rate with adequate moisture in the soil your lawn will respond by greening and growing healthily within a week to 10 days. Your lawn will be uniform in colour all over if using a rotary or broadcast spreader.

If you spread by hand the first problem is judging 30grams! Does each handful contain the same amount? Hopefully you already see a problem! The next big ask is for you to spread these variously sized handfuls uniformly as you throw them on the lawn. It should be obvious by now that you will have more than 30g in some areas and less in others. This will create a patchwork effect of pale green under fed bits, nice green bits and dark green that have been over fed! And remember, you have paid good money to do this to your lawn!!! 

What are the Dangers of Spreading Fertiliser by Hand?

If the above hasn’t put you off, consider what happens if in some areas you put too much on; perhaps two or three times the recommended amount. Let’s also consider this is in the summer and the lawn, unbeknownst to you is starting to dry and is short of water. This will mean a very strong fertiliser solution in the soil which will now burn the lawn.

Once again you’ve paid good money to do this to your lawn but now you’ve got the cost of repairing it AND you’re going to be reminded of your error every time you look at it….. for weeks. Your partner and the kids will know what a numpty you are as well!

Be smart, buy a GOOD spreader.