Lawn Food Do's and Don'ts

Feeding the grass can be quite confusing with all the different lawn fertilisers available.

Here we simplify the problem to enable you to get a great result.

water lawn after fertiliser
When to Water my Lawn; Before or After Fertilising?
Watering-in a fertiliser treatment is necessary for fine powdery products such as weed and feed so try using a fertiliser that doesn’t need watering in!
what lawn fertiliser is pet friendly
What Lawn Fertiliser is Pet Friendly?
Use a granular or pelleted feed without weed killer or iron that is slow-release. These settle deep into the grass pretty much out of reach of dogs and cats.
lawn weed and feed
Lawn 'Weed and Feed'
'Weed and feed' is a clever lawn care idea. The problem is, for most people it doesn't work leaving stripes, burnt grass and even bigger weeds.
why isnt my lawn fertiliser dissolving
Why isn't my Lawn Fertiliser Dissolving?
Lawn fertiliser may not completely dissolve in to the grass for a variety of reasons. Most of them are good and better for a healthy lawn!
Instant green lawn
Instant Green Lawn
Using a proven mix of nutrients you can rapidly enhance the green in your lawn in less than a day. Ideal for application between seasonal feeds or as a standalone fast green-up before an event.
How to use liquid lawn food
How to Use Liquid Lawn Food
Liquid feeding of the lawn is suitable from late spring to early autumn during the main growth period in warmer weather.
How to mix weed killer
How to Mix Lawn Weed Killer with Fertiliser
Here are two simple ways to use weed killer and soluble or granular lawn fertiliser that is easy for you, safe for the grass and deadly for the weeds.
when to feed the grass
When to Feed the Grass
Follow a few simple rules to apply your lawn fertiliser and get the best results from your grass whether it's a spring, summer or an autumn feed
test for clay or sandy soil
Test for Clay or Sandy Soil
The soil in your lawn controls the amount of fertiliser, air and water to the grass roots, therefore sandy and poor soils should be fed more than clay soils
How to apply fertiliser
How to Apply Lawn Fertilizer
There is only one way to spread fertiliser on the lawn and that is with a spreader. Preferably a broadcast or rotary spreader.
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