Once a Year Lawn Feed

Once a Year Lawn Feed

If you just want to do the basics a ‘once per year’ lawn fertiliser should be perfect for you and very beneficial for the lawn.

These are 5 to 6 month very slow release fertilisers

  • Apply between March and May
  • 25 to 35 grams per square meter of lawn

The lawn feed content varies between the clay and sandy fertilisers because clay soils contain and hold nutrients better than sandy soils therefore require a little less in the way of fertilising. This also reduces the cost slightly for clay soils.

These Lawnsmith® Extra-LONG fertilisers are a ‘chemically treated’ slow release fertiliser thereby ‘trickle’ feeding the grass for up to 6 months. Parts of the blend are soil soluble and dissolve in to the lawn over a 10 to 14 days with some of the nitrogen being coated to extend the release period. If you mow above 10mm you won’t suck it back up with the lawn mower.

Just one application a year in spring and you are sorted through into autumn. You don’t need to worry about keeping off the lawn, watering it in or anything else. Just carry on living and using the lawn as normal. It is even safe for children and pets immediately after application.

If you are starting your lawn treatment programme from summer onwards then try using our SPRING & SUMMER Lawn Feed 3 month soil soluble slow release fertilisers. One for Clay Soil the other for Sandy Soil. Your lawn will appreciate it and you can get on a spring schedule next year.

If your grass receives a lot of abuse and damage particularly from kids and dogs it may be worthwhile to supplement your lawn feeding regime with an additional feed in autumn with Lawnsmith® Autumn Fertiliser. If you want to know more read the next page for a more traditional lawn feeding programme.