Mowing for a Dense Lawn

Rhizomatous Tall Fescue Grass | RTF

A medium flat bladed strongly creeping and binding grass with good wear and repair characteristics. Also excellent drought, shade and disease tolerance for sandy soils and dry lawns.

Why do we use this in our Lawn Seed Mixtures?

  • Type of growth:                                         rhizomatous growth spreading sideways
  • Creeping habit for density:                      excellent
  • Turf binding for stability:                          good
  • Self-repair and wear tolerance:               excellent
  • Disease tolerance:                                      good
  • Drought tolerance:                                     excellent
  • Shade tolerance:                                         excellent
  • Growth rate:                                                 medium
  • Where used:                                                 dry lawns, summer sports turf
  • Leaf type:                                                      medium flat
  • Ideal mowing height:                                  30 to 40mm
  • Ideal pH:                                                        5 to 7
  • Germination:                                                slow 14-20 days @ 10 degrees or more