Pests & Diseases of Lawns

Not all lawn bugs and grubs are bad. A little understanding may result in an appreciation of the benefits of the inhabitant or a solution based around sound lawn care practices rather than chemicals and poisons.

Problems with Worms & Worm Casts in the Lawn
Worms benefit the lawn by increasing organic breakdown and improving aeration and fertility however they do cause problems with their spiral casts
Mushrooms and Toadstools in The Lawn
These are usually a sign of a healthy soil though on occasions a crop of toadstools will grow due to an excessive thatch layer or form a fairy ring.
rusts and mildew
Rusts & Mildew
Rusts is a fungal disease noticed as a yellowing of the grass leaves. Mildew often looks like someone has painted the grass leaves white
red thread
Red Thread & Pink Patch
Of all grass diseases red thread lawn fungus is the most common causing brown patches or a blotchy appearance. The blotches will have a pink colouration
Moles, like other lawns pests can cause serious damage as they search for worms in your lawn. They are tricky to kill so you may need help in ridding the garden
lichens and liverworts
Lichens & Liverworts
If you find Lichens in your lawn it may be time to consider a new lawn or at least a major renovation. Liverworts grow in the shadiest wettest parts of your lawn
snow mould
Fusarium & Snow Mould
Fusarium disease is quite a common lawn problem. Treatment and prevention can involve good lawn care practices, fungicides or use of ferrous sulphate.
fairy rings
Fairy Rings
Fairy rings appear in lawns in several ways: as rings of toadstools or mushrooms, as a ring of dead grass often covered in moss or rings of lush green grass.
dry patch
Dry Patch
A patchy network of drying brown grass can be resolved by spiking, hollow tine aeration and wetting agents to bring the lawn back to life
Crane fly
Crane Fly & Leatherjackets
The Crane Fly or Daddy Long-legs is the adult and the Leather Jacket is the larvae or grub. Only the leather jacket grubs cause damage to your lawn
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