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Fusarium in the Lawn

October 2017 Fusarium Alert

Fusarium is to be expected in the present conditions. This is the most common disease you may experience at this time of the year particularly during persistent wet conditions.

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Lawn Red Thread

June 2017 Red Thread Warning

Frequent occurences are being reported with high expectations of major outbreaks from mid June onwards.

Any increase in humidity, normally from May onwards, will bring about an outbreak in most lawns. The rains of late May and early June with following warm weather create ideal conditions.

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Lawn Watering in a Drought

2017 Dry for some...

During drying conditions your lawns self defense mechanisms will swing into action. So should yours.

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Saturated Lawn

Winter 2016 - Too wet to be good!

This years mild wet winter is playing havoc with lawns so if your lawn is looking thin and near deaths door or you're just having problems mowing cold wet and growing grass then read on.

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Rust in the Lawn

October 2014 Rust Alert

Dry September conditions have stressed many lawns which are now showing the fungal disease known as rust

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