Lawnsmith Winter Green High Iron Lawn Fertiliser

Key Features
A low nutrient cool weather lawn fertiliser
Improves grass colour with minimal growth
High iron content to deter moss

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Application Rates

  • Greening rate 25 grams per square metre
  • Moss control rate 35 grams per square metre

Maximum 2 applications between October and April

  • As a Winter Lawn Feed: October to February - One to two applications at 25g per m2 to provide beneficial winter nutrients and grass protection. For best greening of grass apply during a wet and mild spell.
  • For late Autumn and Winter Moss Suppression: October to February - One application at 35g per m2 during damp/moist ground conditions
  • As part of a Spring Moss Control Program: March to April - Apply at 35g per m2 during damp/moist ground conditions one to two weeks prior to raking moss. As this is a low nutrient Winter Feed a Spring Feed will still be required after raking and seeding to promote recovery and aid development of new seedlings.

Directions for Use

  • This is a granular product to be applied by spreader or by hand
  • Apply in cool wet conditions normally from October to April
  • Ideal as a pre-winter feed to harden grass against cold, frost and snow
  • Will promote health and colour during mild wet winters above 8 degrees
  • Perfect as a late autumn, winter or spring moss treatment
  • Blackens moss within days - suitable as pre-scarifying treatment
  • Greening lasts 6-8 weeks in cool conditions
  • Keep off hard surfaces as staining will occur
  • DO NOT use after seeding or on lawns less than 3 months old
  • Lawn may be used immediately after application but staining can occur for upto 72 hours
  • Grazing pets may be allowed on after 3 cuts

Lawn Fertiliser Analysis NPK: 5-0-8 +9% Iron

  • 5% Nitrogen, 0% Phosphate, 8% Potassium
  • Low nitrogen just for greening and root growth
  • Potassium to 'harden' against stress and diseases
  • High iron content for excellent grass colour and turf hardiness
  • Contains Ferrous Sulphate - the active ingredient in moss killer

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Season for Application
Early Spring, Late Autumn, Winter,
Intended Use
Greening (minimal growth), Winterising,
Lawn Safety after Treatment
Pets that eat grass/weeds to be kept off for 3 cuts, Staining to feet may occur for 72 hours,
Soil Type
Clay, Loam, Sandy, Chalk,
Lasts for
Slow 6-8 weeks
Method of Application
By hand or spreader
Nutrient Content
Nitrogen, Potassium, Iron,
Granule Size
1 to 2mm
Size and Coverage
2.5Kg Bag covers 100m2 @ 25grams OR 72m2 @ 35grams, 5Kg Bag covers 200m2 @ 25grams OR 145m2 @ 35grams, 10Kg Bag covers 400m2 @ 25grams OR 285m2 @ 35grams, 20Kg Bag covers 800m2 @ 25grams OR 570m2 @ 35grams,
Product Type
Moss Control, Fertiliser,
When to Use
Early Spring, Late Autumn, Winter,

Customer reviews

4.7 / 5
261 reviews for Lawnsmith Winter Green High Iron Lawn Fertiliser
eKomi customer reviews
Great product. Important to follow instructions re watering, time of year to apply and spreading evenly.
Rated 5 out of 5
Kevin Holmes
I find this to be an excellent winter fertiliser as it prevents moss growing even in very wet conditions and keeps the lawn looking good over the winter period.
Rated 5 out of 5
I buy the winter high iron content feed for the cold wet months to keep some colour in the lawn and suppress moss growth. I buy the true fertiliser for growth when the weather warms in Spring. Both products excellent, can highly recommend.
Rated 5 out of 5
Peter Bree
I used the fertiliser early and late autumn and it has proved worthwhile.Highly recommended
Rated 4 out of 5
Nick Dye
for use with a spreader - does a large lawn in a matter of minutes and no mixing or spraying
Rated 5 out of 5