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Dry or Shady Lawns

Here we have two grass types that you would choose if you had difficult growing conditions. They are both very usable and though bred for survival they make excellent lawns.

The Shady Lawn

Lawnsmith Shadygreen Lawn Grass Seed
A specific blend of grasses with varying tolerance to shade. However, grass doesn’t grow in the dark…….or permanent shade! If this is the case you may need to look at using something other than grass. See Lawnsmith® SHADYGREEN Grass Seed.


  • Will accommodate dappled shade from plants and trees
  • Can survive in building shade as long as it gets a few hours sun
  • Makes for a very usable and attractive lawn
  • Blends very well with rye mixtures so if you just want to use it in shady parts of your lawn you can use other rye grass mixtures for the sunnier areas


  • Will not do well under trees or along hedge lines that are dry
  • Not very drought tolerant so dry shady areas may need regular watering
  • Won’t grow in the dark!


For shady areas this is the perfect compromise for survival, looks and use. If you have dry shade (under trees) go with Lawnsmith® STAYGREEN Grass Seed. Though not quite as shade tolerant it is the best choice.

The Drought Tolerant Lawn

Lawnsmith Staygreen Lawn Grass Seed
These grass seed mixtures will contain Rhizomatous Tall Fescue. Tall fescue has very deep roots tapping in to water deeper in the soil so survives where most other grasses give up. See Lawnsmith® STAYGREEN Grass Seed


  • Will survice a typical british summer
  • Usueful on poor, stony or very sandy soils
  • Will also do well in moderate shade where it becomes very dry (under trees etc)
  • Hard wearing so makes a good family lawn


  • Won’t survive in a desert; needs some water to stay green!


If nothing else will survive this will; so if you’re fed up with your lawn going brown in the summer then this may be the answer.

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