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Lawn Fertiliser Products

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From £14.75
  • Organic base for natural slow release over 3 months
  • Use in Spring and again in Summer or when over-seeding
  • Micro-granules for those who prefer a fine product
From £14.95
  • Slow release lawn fertiliser for 3 month feeding
  • Use in Spring and again in Summer if required
  • Contains dried seaweed
From £17.75
  • Spring application for 5-6 month slow release feeding
  • Perfect if you only want to feed once or twice a year
  • Green grass & gentle growth in Spring and Summer

The Lawnsmith range of lawn and turf fertilisers, free of pesticides, is specifically formulated from professional and green keeping raw materials for you and your lawn. Designed to enable ease of use for busy or reluctant gardeners but also to be more involving for hobby gardeners and lawn enthusiasts. Our range provides a lawn feed that will better suit your soil type, season and job at hand.