Lawn Care Companies

Lawn Care Companies

First started in America over 50 years ago lawn care service operators now exist in every developed country in the world.

As a rule they will treat your lawn with fertiliser and weed killer 3 to 4 times a year plus any other optional services applicable to you and your lawn. They have helped elevate the standards of lawns throughout the British Isles and have sparked a new interest in lawns and lawn care for many people.

They can handle small postage stamp sized lawns or large estates without any difficulty. Some offer a wide range of services including mowing and turfing whilst others keep to more traditional lawn care services of fertilisation, weed and moss control and possibly scarifying and aerating.

Independents’ vs Franchise Operators

In my experience apart from the van signage it can be hard to tell an ‘Independent’ from a Lawn Care Franchise particularly if both are professional with good reputations. Each have their own reasons as to why they’re better but ultimately it comes down to the knowledge, ability and enthusiasm of the person who is going to do the job. If it is the franchisee or the sole independent operator then the buck stops with the person doing the job. If on the other hand it is an employee who is going to do the work then you may want to talk to them as well. After all, having someone working around your home when you are out is an issue of security and trust.

Licensed Operators

To use commercial pesticides (weed killer, fungicides, insecticides etc) your lawn care service person needs to be NPTC registered and will be carrying a photo ID card. Don’t take their word for it that they have it, ask to see it. You’re not offending anyone and you’re also demonstrating your knowledge which will earn respect from the more professional operators. If they’re not registered you’re taking an unnecessary risk with your lawn, garden, pets and family.