Instant Green Lawn

Instant Green Lawn

This is where science hits your lawn!

The elements that will green-up your lawn are:

  • Nitrogen
  • Magnesium 
  • Iron

All are involved in the production of chlorophyll which is the green colour in all plants.

How Instant is Instant?

You will only ever get quick responses from lawn treatments if you apply the treatment as a liquid. The goodness in your spray is then quickly absorbed into the leaf where it can be utilised and start greening. Dry granular products will not work like this and take days to show a result.

The colour change also depends on temperature and moisture availability. If you apply in conditions of good soil moisture on a warm day on a healthy lawn you’ll more than likely see the green-up in hours. In cooler weather perhaps a day or two and on an unhealthy lawn it may not have much effect at all. It’s not a quick fix for underlying problems.

Is Instant Green a Trick?

This depends on how you use it. If the purpose is to get a good visual green response from the grass for an event or party then yes, it’s a trick. It’ a good trick though with no downside unless used in excess.

However, to ensure a healthy lawn we could also add in a few other elements into the mix to make it a valuable and sustainable addition to our lawn care programme:

  • Potassium (the K in NPK) would be our first choice as this assists with moisture regulation within the grass. During summer when you are likely to be applying this, the lawn can come under stress from heat and drought so potassium is very beneficial.
  • To also assist the grass to stay healthy a trace element package (a bit like a multi-vitamin) would also be a great idea. These are in micro quantities so add little to the cost but make for a much healthier lawn during the most important growing and use period of the year. See How to use Liquid Lawn Food

Lawnsmith Solugreen Soluble Fertiliser

This is something we’ve had in our armoury for a long time and with a review score of over 4.75/5 it must be good. It has everything in it needed for an instant green healthy lawn apart from iron. We don’t add iron due to its permanent staining effect on hard surfaces. It still does a great job without and is very very economical with a small tub of only 2.5kilos covering 500 square metres; that’s bigger than a tennis court! 

Double Dark Green Lawn

By adding iron (ferrous or iron sulphate aka soluble iron) to your mixture you can now go the full colour change to dark green. Play around with the quantities and only apply in good growing conditions. Our recommended mix would be 5grams Solugreen Soluble Feed with 1gram Green-up Ferrous Sulphate