Sprayers for Liquid Moss Killer

Using the correct spray equipment will improve controlling and killing moss in the lawn whilst saving you time and effort 

Some basic equipment is going to be required for spraying your moss killer. The size of the lawn and the cost are the deciding factors. Used correctly they can all be equally effective so the choice is yours.

Watering Can

Weed and feed sprinkle bar.
  • Very cheap so get two!
  • Get a different coloured one just for use with weed and moss killers. No danger of killing your beloved begonia with ‘weed killer’ contaminated water!
  • Use a weed and feed killer sprinkle bar NOT a rose
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Perfect for lawns up to 200 square metres
  • If time isn’t an issue then there is no limit to the size of lawn – a lot of refills though!

Knapsack Sprayer

Knapsack Sprayer.
  • Very easy to control
  • Perhaps the quickest and most cost effective way to spray the lawn
  • Can be used for liquid fertiliser, weed and moss control on any sized lawn
  • Perfect for large lawns as it sits comfortably on your back
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Can also be used for spot spraying lawn weeds

It is a false economy to buy cheap DIY knapsack sprayers:

  • Buy a Professional one, it’ll last a life-time
  • Your grass depends on consistent operation – better live moss than a dead lawn!
  • Spares are always available
  • Built to withstand bumps and bangs
  • A ‘pressure control valve’ is a valuable addition to any sprayer
  • Spray nozzles are interchangeable for spraying with different spray volumes or using different spray patterns for different applications

Compression Sprayer

Compression sprayer.