Robot Lawn Mowers

Robot Lawn Mowers

Robot lawn mowers, if used correctly can be very beneficial for the lawn. Why?

Because the most important mowing rule is to mow little and often. In other words, remove a little bit of grass by mowing frequently which is exactly what a robot mower can do!

Here are some quick robo mower facts for consideration:

  • They can cover lawn areas from a few square metres to over an acre (4000m2+)
  • Most randomly cover the lawn within a wired perimeter yet others use GPS to cover the lawn more efficiently
  • Not all have the power for slopes but some do
  • Once set up to the shape and size of your lawn they are fully autonomous
  • Some cut grass in the rain but it'll get caked in grass goo!
  • Many robot mowers will work in multiple zones eg the back and front lawn
  • Pivoting blades are more forgiving than fixed blades
  • Height adjustment of the cutting deck is essential from at least 2cm to 6cm
  • You still need to adhere to the seasonal cutting height recommendations here
  • Recognised brands to consider
    • Bosch
    • Robomow
    • Husqvarna
    • Flymo
    • John Deere

The downsides:

  • Because they don't collect the clippings you can have a weed explosion so:
    • ensure the lawn is robocut everyday so weed flowers are removed before they set seed
    • if in doubt get the old mower out and keep the box on during weed seeding periods
  • Installation on anything other than a simple lawn can be tedious so consider an installation service
  • They're expensive but beneficial for you and the lawn if you're a reluctant gardener
  • They can spread the dogs business a long long long way!