Lawn Mowers, Rollers and Stripes

Lawn Mowers, Rollers and Stripes

Cylinder lawn mowers all have front and rear rollers. It is the roller and not the cutting action that produces the lawn stripe. Therefore a rotary mower with a roller will produce stripes.

‘To stripe or not to stripe’ is the question; the answer is it’s up to you and personal taste. A rotary mower with a roller will be slightly heavier than one without as it is the weight on the roller that causes the grass to be ‘ironed’ flat though no heat is applied….hopefully!

Apart from the visual striping effect, mowers with rollers have other benefits which deserve serious consideration:

  • that bumps in the lawn are not so easily scalped as the roller helps the mower ride over the bump rather than straddle it
  • the roller has a slight firming action flattening divots and worm casts
  • you can usually get closer to the edge of a lawn with a roller because it won’t ‘drop over the edge’ like a wheel

If cost or getting the job done quickly so the kids can go and play is the objective then forget the roller. If you can’t mow or walk in a straight line before or after Sunday lunch at the pub, then once again forget the roller. If, however, you are none of the above then get a lawn mower with a roller, you’ll not regret it!