spring and autumn lawn feeding

Spring & Autumn Lawn Feeding

A Spring and Autumn Fertiliser treatment is the standard for lawn care and provides optimum nutrients for healthy green grass all year

This is the next step up from a ‘Once a Year’ feed and is the more traditional feeding programme.

This lawn fertiliser programme offers a complete and balanced feeding regime that gives superb grass health and colour with little effort and modest cost and meets all the requirements of the grass in a normal year. This is done by simply adding an Autumn Feed to the ‘Once a Year’ Feed programme as follows:

SPRING Fertiliser Treatment

These are 5 to 6 month soil soluble very slow release fertilisers

  • Apply between March and May
  • 25 to 35 grams per square meter of lawn

AUTUMN Fertiliser Treatment

  • An application of Lawnsmith AUTUMN Lawn Feed 3 month soil soluble slow release fertiliser
  • Apply between August and November
  • 20 to 30 grams per square meter of lawn
Autumn fertiliser treatment.

The lawn feed content varies because clay soils contain and hold nutrients better than sandy soils thus require a little less in the way of fertilising. This also reduces the cost slightly for clay soils. All the above Lawnsmith® fertilisers are soil soluble so will slowly dissolve due to the soil moisture thereby avoiding mower pick-up. It also helps get the fertiliser down to the roots.

If you are starting your lawn treatment programme in summer (June-July) then try using our SPRING & SUMMER Lawn Feed 3 month soil soluble slow release fertilisers. One for Clay Soil the other for Sandy Soil. Your lawn will appreciate it and you can get on a spring schedule next year.

You don’t need to worry about keeping off the lawn, watering it in or anything else. Just carry on living and using the lawn as normal.

The above is a normal lawn feeding regime and you need go no further as the needs of the grass are well met with this combination. However, if you want your lawn to look extra special over winter the addition of iron (Fe) as a turf hardener has a superb greening effect. This is done with our WINTER GREEN granular lawn fertiliser or GREEN-UP Ferrous Sulphate which is a soluble iron applied through a watering can or sprayer.