spreader being used to spread lawn food

Flexible Feeding for the Perfect Lawn

This lawn fertiliser programme creates beautiful green grass from spring to autumn and into winter using slow release granular and liquid feeds.

Relying on me or a book for all your lawn weed and feed needs is not possible if you are looking for that little extra.

I can guide you with a ‘base’ feeding regime to maintain a general level of fertility. However, to achieve the best you are going to have to start ‘reading’ the grass and letting it tell you when it wants more or less as the case may be. This will come as you gain knowledge and experience and start to understand how the weather, particularly rain and temperature affect growth and the demand for lawn feed.

The Base Lawn Feeding Programme

SPRING Granular Fertiliser

  • Lawnsmith SPRING & SUMMER Lawn Feed 3 month slow release fertiliser - Clay SoilSandy Soil or Natur Options
  • Apply at 25 – 35 grams per square metre

AUTUMN Fertiliser

  • Lawnsmith AUTUMN Lawn Feed 3 month slow release fertiliser
  • Apply 20 – 30 grams per square metre

Optional Feeding

Because your spring treatment is now a 3 month slow release fertiliser rather than the 5-6 month products in the previous posts you have the opportunity to add more fertiliser between the Spring and Autumn treatments. Therefore, in a dry summer you would not add any more but in a normal or wet summer you would add one of the following:

SUMMER Granular Fertiliser

  • Lawnsmith SPRING & SUMMER Lawn Feed  3 month slow release fertiliser - Clay SoilSandy Soil or Natur Options
  • Apply at the lean end of 25 – 35 grams per square meter for normal conditions
  • Apply at the high end of 25 – 35 grams per square meter for wet conditions

SUMMER Liquid Fertiliser

Consider granular spring, summer and autumn feeds to be like your breakfast, lunch and dinner with soluble feeds being taken as you would a snack (kit kat or banana) between meals and as a top up applied when you feel the grass has started to get hungry. Soluble feeds can also be used as an alternative to the summer granular feed. Do not use soluble feeds in early spring, late autumn or on young grass.

Summer liquid fertiliser.


Lawnsmith SOLUGREEN Soluble Lawn Fertiliser for liquid feeding – quick release

  • Apply at 5 grams per square metre dissolved in water
  • One to three applications every 3-6 weeks depending on temperature, growth and rainfall

DO NOT apply fertiliser in drought conditions – it’s a waste of money as it won’t do any good – wait until conditions change

For ornamental and close mown lawns

You should use Lawnsmith SPRING & SUMMER Natur Feed and Autumn Feeds. They are fine grade products ideal for close mown turf. In addition they dissolve into the turf within a couple of days thereby not causing a problem with mower pick-up. You should use the Solugreen for supplementary feeds in summer.

Winter Feeding

If you want your lawn to look extra special over winter the addition of iron (Fe) as a turf hardener has a superb greening effect. This is done with our WINTER GREEN granular lawn fertiliser which also gives the lawn a light nutrient feed. Alternatively use GREEN-UP Ferrous Sulphate which is a soluble iron applied through a watering can or sprayer though this lacks any nutrient value.