Dwarf Perennial Rye Grass Seed | Lolium Perenne

Dwarf Perennial Rye Grass | Lolium Perenne

A narrow bladed tufting rye grass with excellent recovery characteristics suitable for hard wearing and finer lawns. Also disease tolerant and well suited to clay soils.

Why do we use this in our Lawn Seed Mixtures?

  • Type of growth:                                       tufted
  • Creeping habit for density:                   none
  • Turf binding for stability:                       medium
  • Self-repair and wear tolerance:            excellent
  • Disease tolerance:                                   excellent
  • Drought tolerance:                                  low
  • Shade tolerance:                                      medium
  • Growth rate:                                              strong
  • Where used:                                              most lawns, tennis courts and sports turf
  • Leaf type:                                                   narrow flat
  • Ideal mowing height:                               25 to 45mm
  • Ideal pH:                                                     5.5 to 7.5
  • Germination:                                             fast 7-10 days @ 8 degrees or more

Coarse Rye Grass

Rye grass comes in varieties from the wild ones to those used for grass leys to feed cattle. This has created a bad name for rye grass due to its perceived coarse nature but if you purchase seed from a reputable source you will get a dwarf rye grass which is similar to those used on tennis courts. In other words, fine leaved and glossy green. And because the bottom of the leaf shines it makes a great addition to any lawn mixture because when cut with a mower with a roller it stripes wonderfully.

Rye Grass Stalks

These occur between May and June and are stiff stalks containing a seed head. They are temporary but can be a bit of a problem if they occur in great numbers. Cylinder mowers don't cut them very well if they lie flat so rake they upright and mow with a rotary mower.